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"I have waxed my car with Spuddy’s Swift Wax several times. After each wax my Mercedes stays clean for months. This products is AMAZING! We have a lot of rainy days in Florida and I'm completely amazed at how clean my cars stays even when it rains. There's simply no other product on the market as wonderful as this one. Spuddy’s Swift Wax is amazing!"

Joseph M

"I used Spuddy's Swift Wax on my Acura and Yukon. It removed all the small scratches and made the paint color vibrant again. I applied it to the black trim and now it really shines. I also used it on my headlights and was impressed at how it cleared them up as well. Spuddy’s Swift Wax is like having several products all in one!"

James S

"My car was sitting for two years under a tree before I purchased it. It had no topcoat and the finish was matted. After Spuddy's Swift Wax was used on my car, it had such a high gloss finish it looked like fresh paint! The black areas around the bumper were completely restored! Thank you Spuddy’s Swift Wax for restoring my car’s finish! Impressive to say the least!"  

Tracy H

"The clear coat on my 22 year old green Ford Ranger was nearly gone and had started to turn white. Spuddy’s Swift Wax was applied and immediately brought back the original green color. After 7 months of continuous outside exposure my truck still looks like it did when I bought it from the dealership brand new."

Jackie G ​

"I use Spuddy's wax on my most prized possession, my 1963 Jaguar. I think that this product works as good if not better than the more popular national brands. I am a very picky person so I don't take lightly how well Spuddy's works for me."

Calvin W

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